www.ViolationInfo.com – Pay Your Ticket or View Your Traffic Violation

ViolationInfo.com is a website where you can view and pay for traffic citations online as well as dispute a ticket. The website is a secure site hosted by American Traffic Solutions. If you have received a Warning or Notice of Violation, you can use the website by entering your Notice number and PIN number to login and find your violation information.

About ViolationInfo.com

ViolationInfo.com is hosted by American Traffic Solutions. The company is a leader in camera installations in North America and currently serves more than 230 customers. ATS has more than 2,100 installed camera systems throughout the United States as well as Canada. You can use ViolationInfo.com with confidence knowing that ATS is committed to protecting your privacy. The website will not display your personal information and your Notice number and Pin number will not be shared.

How to View Your Traffic Violation or Pay Your Ticket

You will need the following:

  1. Internet access and a computer.
  2. Your Notice of Violation or Warning.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Go to violationinfo.com at the link below to log in. Enter the Notice number and PIN number, which you will find on the top right-hand side of the Notice.
  2. Click on “Pay Ticket” if your objective is to pay for your violation. Enter a Mastercard, Visa, Discover debit or credit card or information for an e-check and submit.
  3. To view your violation click on “View Violation.”
  4. To dispute a ticket click on “Dispute Ticket” and submit the requested information.

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