www.Auto-Owners.com – Pay or View Your Auto-Owners Insurance Bill

Auto-Owners Insurance has a convenient and easy to use Customer Center for customers to enroll their billing accounts and view their bills and policies. The secure site allows the customer to pay a bill and choose to receive paperless email bills. The Customer Center has many features available 24/7, including the ability to set up and manage automatic payments, make one-time payments, view billing details and manage credit card or banking information for bill payment.

About Auto-Owners Insurance

With administrative offices in Lansing, MI, Auto-Owners Insurance Group has been in business for over 90 years.  Auto-Owners is ranked among the Fortune 500 companies and has written over $5 billion in premiums. In addition to auto insurance, the company offers life insurance, homeowners insurance and property-owners insurance.

How to Pay or View Your Auto-Owners Insurance Bill

To pay or view your insurance bill you will need:

  1. Your Auto-Owners Insurance account number.
  2. A computer with an Internet connection.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. If you have not previously set up an account, navigate to the Customer Center account set up at the link provided below. Agree to the terms by clicking on the “I agree” box and then click on “Continue.” Provide the information requested and choose a username and password.
  2. Log in to your account at the link provided below. Fill in your username and password and click on “Log In.”
  3. Choose to either view your bill or pay your bill.
  4. If you wish to pay your bill click on the appropriate section, provide payment information, and submit.

Helpful Links:

Customer Center account set up:


Customer Center login page: